Shinshu University School of Medicine

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Department of Hearing Implant Sciences

Center Description

Our ENT clinic (Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Department of Hearing Implant Sciences) in Shinshu University School of Medicine, provides the highest quality surgery and medical care covering the entire ENT field, including treatment of common ear, nose, and throat disorders, sleep disorders, and head and neck cancer.

Our hearing sciences team consists of specialists from a number of disciplines, including ENT surgeons, pediatricians, clinical geneticists, audiologists, speech therapists, and teachers who have been working enthusiastically on early diagnosis, intervention and habilitation of hearing impairments in children. Our team offers a comprehensive approach ranging from molecular diagnosis to surgery and  post-operative habilitation for accelerating language development. Our center is currently focusing on hearing preservation cochlear implantation, implantable devices for the middle ear, genetic analysis of hearing impairment using a DNA database containing over 4000 samples, brain imaging using PET and fNIRS to evaluate central auditory plasticity and basic and molecular research on hearing and disequilibrium.

For congenital hearing impairment, we have successfully defined etiology in approximately 50% of patients by applying genetic testing and cytomegalovirus DNA test. Based on the accurate etiology in addition to various audiological tests, appropriate intervention and habilitation programs are being provided for individual children.


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