HEARRING Structure

Chairman: Prof. Wolf-Dieter Baumgartner
Secretary for Research: Prof. Javier Gavilán
Vice Chairmen:

Prof. Rudolf Hagen

Prof. Paul Van de Heyning

Prof. Joachim Müller

Prof. Piotr Skarzynski

Member Organisation

The HEARRING network is organised upon the belief that while individual centers working in isolation may advance the field of hearing implants incrementally, pooling the collective knowledge base and sharing information as part of a global network can accomplish much more. HEARRING member’s mutual goal is to advance the treatment, quality care, and surgical techniques being used in the field and to distribute this information through high quality training and educational opportunities. In this way, HEARRING accomplishes its primary objective: to provide patients with hearing loss the best possible benefit.

HEARRING is a learning network of collaborative experts in the field of hearing implants. Cooperation between HEARRING network members emphasises:

  • World-class medical care, surgery, (re)habilitation and long-term patient care
  • Superior patient advising and consultancy
  • State-of-the-field research
  • Outstanding training and education
  • Optimum infrastructure and professional organisation

The HEARRING Mission Statement

HEARRING is a network of preeminent international centers offering comprehensive hearing implant solutions for the treatment of hearing loss.

HEARRING surgeons are worldwide leading experts in restoration AND preservation of hearing.

HEARRING members are committed to leading the exploration of new avenues of research in hearing implant science, to advancing clinical procedures and to developing and perfecting surgical techniques. Membership in the HEARRING network is founded on the belief that research, and any subsequent advancement in the field of hearing implants, is possible only through international collaboration and the pooling of collective experience from leading clinical centers around the world.

Prime objective is to provide patients with the best possible hearing implant solution for the treatment of their individual hearing loss.

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