Prof. Iain A. Bruce MD, FRCS (ORL-HNS) is an Expert in the HEARRING Network. His contact information:

Phone: +44 161 701 5039



Central Manchester University Hospitals, Manchester Auditory Implant Centre

Devas Street Entrance on Oxford Road, M13 9PL Manchester, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 161 275 3364
Fax: +44 161 275 3795


15 minute consultation: A structured approach to the management of facial paralysis in a child

Authors: Malik V, Joshi V, Green KMJ, Bruce IA
Journal: Arch Dis Child 2012; 97 (3): 82-5 (PMID 22315344)

A selective approach to histopathology of the gallbladder is justifiable

Authors: Dix FP, Bruce IA, Krypcyzk A, Ravi S
Journal: Surgeon. 2003; 1 (4): 233-5 (PMID 15570768)

Adenoidal size assessment: a comparison of palpation, nasendoscopy and mirror examination

Authors: Malik TH, Bruce IA, Kaushik V
Journal: Clinical Otolaryngology 2005; 30: 480 (PMID 16232265)

An unusual cause for nasal airway obstruction in a neonate: transellar, transsphenoidal cephalocele

Authors: Steven R, Rothera MP, Tang V, Bruce IA
Journal: J Laryngol Otol 2011; 125 (10): 1075-8 (PMID 21791157)

Anaesthesia and airway management in Mucopolysaccharidosis

Authors: Walker R, Belani KG, Braunlin EA, Bruce IA, Hack H, Harmatz, Jones S, Rowe R, Solanki GA, Valde-marsson B
Journal: J Inherited Metabolic Disease 2012 Nov 30 (Epub) (PMID 23197104)

Atelectasis of the middle ear in pediatric patients: safety of surgical intervention

Authors: Borgstein J, Gerritsma T, Bruce I, Feenstra L
Journal: Int J Ped ORL 2009; 73 (2): 257-61 (PMID 19054583)

‘Horseshoe-shaped’ post-operative alopecia following lengthy head and neck surgery

Authors: Bruce IA, Simmons MA, Hampal S
Journal: J Laryngol Otol. 2002; 116 (3): 230-2 (PMID 11893272)

Botulinum toxin is effective and safe for palatal tremor. A report of 5 cases and a review of the literature

Authors: Penney S, Bruce IA, Saeed SR
Journal: J Neurol 2006; 253 (7): 857-60 (PMID 16845571)

Branchial anomalies in children

Authors: Jarvis SJ, Pal AR, Al-Qudehy ZA, Rothera MP, Bruce IA
Journal: The Otorhinolaryngologist 2012; 4(3):148-154 8

Cell membrane receptors in head and neck cancer

Authors: Bruce I, Homer J
Journal: Clin Otolaryngol. 2005; 30: 210 (PMID 15839885)

Cochlear implantation and congenital inner ear anomalies

Authors: Broomfield SJ, Bruce IA, Henderson L, Ramsden RT, Green KM
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Cochlear implantation following bacterial meningitis in children: outcomes in ossified and non-ossified cochleas

Authors: Nichani J, Green K, Hans P, Bruce I, Henderson L, Ramsden R
Journal: Otology Neuro-otology 2011; 32 (5): 784-9 (PMID 21646936)

Cochlear implantation in a child with CINCA syndrome who also has wide vestibular aqueducts

Authors: Bates J, Bruce IA, Henderson L, Melling C, Green KMJ
Journal: Cochlear implants International 2012; 13 (3): 173-176 (PMID 22333493)

Cochlear implantation in a patient with sensori-neural deafness secondary to Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

Authors: Goswamy J, Bruce IA, Green KMJ, O’Driscoll M
Journal: Cochlear Implant Int 2011; 2012; 13 (3): 184-187 (PMID 22333975)

Cochlear implantation in adolescents

Authors: Bruce IA, Broomfield SJ, Melling CC, Green KM, Ramsden RT
Journal: Cochlear Implant Int. 2011; 12 S1: 82-3 (PMID 21756482)

Cochlear Implantation in Adolescents: Factors Influencing Compliance

Authors: Markey A, Nichani J, Melling C, Lockley M, Green KMJ, Bruce IA
Journal: Accepted for publication in Cochlear Implants International 2013 (CIM153R4)

Cochlear Implantation in children with Cerebral Palsy

Authors: Steven RA, Green KMJ, Broomfield SJ, Henderson LA, Ramsden RT, Bruce IA
Journal: Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 2011; 75 (11): 1427-30 (PMID 21893352)

Cochlear Implantation in children with Jervell and Lange Nielson syndrome: a cautionary report

Authors: Broomfield SJ, Bruce IA, Henderson L, Ramsden RT, Green KMJ
Journal: Cochlear Implants Int 2010; 11 (S1):163-5 (PMID 21756604)

Cochlear implantation in children with Jervell and Lange-Nielson syndrome

Authors: Broomfield SJ, Bruce IA, Henderson L, Ramsden RT, Green KMJ
Journal: Cochlear Implant Int. 2012; 13 (3): 168-172 (PMID 22333885)

Cochlear implantation in children with syndromic deafness

Authors: Broomfield S, Henderson L, Bruce IA, Ramsden RT, Green KMJ
Journal: Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 2013 Jun 14. (Epub) (PMID 23773333)

Cochlear Implantation in Cogan’s Syndrome

Authors: Ellis T, Nichani J, Mawman D, Bruce IA, Green KMJ
Journal: International Journal Advanced Otology 2012; 8 (2): 311

Cochlear implantation in Donnai-Barrow Syndrome

Authors: Bruce IA, Broomfield S, Henderson L, Green K, Ramsden RT
Journal: Cochlear Implants International 2011; 12 (1): 60-3 (PMID 21756462)

Cochlear implantation in far advanced otoscerosis. A surgical, audiological and quality of life review of 35 cases in a single u

Authors: Flook EP, Broomfield SJ, Saeed S, Bruce IA, Green KM
Journal: International Journal of Advanced Otology 2011 Feb;7(1):35-40

Cochlear implantation in profound hearing loss in adults deafened by ototoxic drugs

Authors: Nichani JR, Bruce IA, Henderson l, Mawman D, Green KM
Journal: Cochlear Implants International 2013; Mar 18 (Epub) (PMID 23510699)

Cochlear implantation outcomes in profoundly deafened patients following head injury

Authors: Khwaja S, Mawman D, Nichani, J, Bruce I, Green K, LLoyd S
Journal: Otology Neurotology 2012; 33 (8): 1328-32 (PMID 22935808)

Does meningitis stop CSF rhinorrhoea following lateral skull base surgery?

Authors: Malik TH, Bruce IA, Kelly G, Ramsden RT, Saeed SR
Journal: Skull base 2007; 17 (4): 235-238 (PMID 18174923)

Ear Packing after ear surgery: is it really necessary?

Authors: Borgstein J, de Zwart G, Bruce IA
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Endoscopic Management of fourth branchial arch anomalies

Authors: Watson GJ, Nichani JR, Rothera MP, Bruce IA
Journal: Int J Ped ORL 2013; 77 (5): 766-9 (PMID 23478017)

Endovascular management of carotid blowout syndrome

Authors: Broomfield S, Bruce IA, Luff DA, Birzgalis AR, Ashleigh R
Journal: JLO. 2006; 120 (8): 694-697 (PMID 16700952)

Erectile dysfunction after open versus angioplasty aortoiliac procedures: a questionnaire survey

Authors: Karkos CD, Wood A, Bruce IA, Karkos PD, Baguneid MS, Lambert ME
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Erosion of the incus in pediatric posterior tympanic membrane retraction pockets without cholesteatoma

Authors: Borgstein J, Gerritsma TV, Bruce IA
Journal: Int J Ped ORL 2008; 72 (9): 1419-1423 (PMID 18635272)

Excision of a Suprastomal Granuloma following Paediatric Tracheostomy - How we do it

Authors: Nichani J, Bruce IA, Rothera MP
Journal: The Otorhinolaryngologist 2012; 5(2): 91–93

Failure of propranolol in the treatment of childhood haemangiomas of the head and neck

Authors: Goswamy J, Rothera MP, Bruce IA
Journal: J Laryngol Otol 2011 Aug 16:1-9. (PMID 21846414)

Hearing loss in patients with MPS II: Data from HOS- the Hunter Outcome Survey

Authors: Keilmann A, Nakarat T, Bruce IA, Molter D, Malm G
Journal: J Inherited Metabolic Disease 2011 Aug 25 (Epub) (PMID 21866356)

Hearing preservation via a cochleostomy approach and deep insertion of a standard length cochlear implant electrode

Authors: Bruce IA, Bates J, Melling C, Mawman D, Green KM
Journal: Otology Neurotology 2011; 32 (9): 1444-7 (PMID 22089957)

Is there a place for external mesh wrapping of abdominal aortic aneurysms in the modern endovascular era?

Authors: Karkos CD, Kenshil AY, Bruce IA, Lambert ME
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Kasallbach-Merritt syndrome in a child with upper airway compromise and spontaneous periorbital bruising Ear Nose Throat

Authors: Goswamy J, Aggarwal R, Bruce IA, Rothera MP
Journal: J. 2013 Jun;92(6):E16-20 (PMID: 23780597)

Lymphatic malformations

Authors: Alvi S, Penney S, Rothera MP, Bruce IA
Journal: Accepted for publication in The Otorhinolaryngologist 2012 (Expected 2014; 6(1))

MOMENT: Management of Otitis Media with Effusion in Cleft Palate

Authors: Harman NL, Bruce IA, Callery P, Tierney S, Owaise Sharif M, O’Brien K, Williamson PR
Journal: Trials 2013; 14 (1):70 (Epub) (PMID 23497540)

Protocol for a systematic review of the literature and identification of a core outcome set using a Delphi survey.

Mucoploysaccharidosis type II: European recommendations for the diagnosis and multidisciplinary manage-ment of a rare disease

Authors: Scarpa M, Almassy Z, Beck M, Bodamer O, Bruce IA, De Meirleir L, Guffon N, Guillen-Navarro E, Hensman P, Jones S, Kamin W, Kampmann C, Lampe C, Lavery C, Leao Teles E, Link B, Meldgaard Lund A, Malm G, Pitz S, Rothera M, Stewart C, Tylki-Szymanska A, van der Ploeg A, Walker R, Zeman J, Wraith JE
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Nasal septum buttons: symptom scores and satisfaction

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Nerve injury and the laryngeal mask airway

Authors: Bruce IA, Ellis R, Kay NJ
Journal: J Laryngol Otol. 2004; 118 (11): 899-901 (PMID 15638982)

Nodular fasciitis of the head and neck

Authors: Silva P, Bruce IA, Malik T, Homer J, Banerjee S
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Otolaryngological manifestations of the mucopolysaccharidoses

Authors: Simmons MA, Bruce IA, Penney S, Wraith E, Rothera MP
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Outcome of cochlear implantation in asymptomatic congenital cytomegalovirus deafened children

Authors: Malik V, Bruce IA, Broomfield SJ, Henderson L, Green KMJ, Ramsden RT
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Phase II study of cisplatin and imatinib in advanced salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma

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Pneumolabyrinth after paediatric head injury

Authors: Bruce IA, Broomfield S, Borgstein J
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Primary endoscopic repair of intermediate laryngeal clefts

Authors: Broomfield S, Bruce IA, Rothera MP
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Radiofrequency ablation (coblation): A promising new technique for laryngeal papillomata

Authors: Timms MS, Bruce IA, Patel NK
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Radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of microcystic lymphovascular malformations

Authors: Goswamy J, Penney SE, Bruce IA, Rothera MP
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Retroaortic left renal vein and its implications in abdominal aortic surgery

Authors: Karkos CD, Bruce IA, Thomson GJ, Lambert ME
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Standards of practice in the field of hearing implants

Authors: Van de Heyning P, Adunka O, Arauz SL, Atlas M, Baumgartner WD, Brill S, Bruce I, Buchman C, Caver-saccio M, Dillon M, Eikelboom R, Eskilsson G, Gavilan J, Godey B, Green K, Gstoettner W, Hagen R, Han D, Iwasaki S, Kameswaran M, Karltorp E, Kleine Punte A, Kompis M, Kuthubutheen J, Kuzovkov V, Lassaletta L, Li Y, Lorens A, Manikoth M, Martin J, Mlynski R, Mueller J, O’Driscoll M, Parnes L, Pillsbury H, Prentiss S, Pulibalathingal S, Raine CH, Rajan G, Rajeswaran R, Riechelmann H, Rivas A, Rivas JA, Senn P, Skarzyn-ski PH, Sprinzl G, Staecker H, Stephan K, Sugarova S, Usami SI, Wolf-Magele A, Yanov Y, Zernotti ME, Zimmerman K, Zorowka P, Skarzynski H.
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Surgical complications of tracheo-oesophageal puncture and speech valves

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Synergistic effects of imatinib (STI571) in combination with chemotherapeutic drugs in head and neck cancer

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Syphilitic cervical lymphadenopathy: return of an old foe

Authors: Bruce IA, Roper AJ, Gayed SL, Dabrowski M, Morar P
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The Dizzy patient

Authors: Broomfield SJ, Bruce IA, Malla JV, Kay NJ
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The Erasmus Atelectasis Classification: Proposal of a new classification for atelectasis of the middle ear in children

Authors: Borgstein J, Gerritsma TV, van den Brink-Wierindga MH, Bruce IA
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The expanding role of interventional radiology in head and neck surgery

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The Feasibility of Cochlear Implantation in Mucopolysaccharidosis.

Authors: Saeed H, Nichani J, Melling C, Raine CH, Khan I, Martin JM ,Green KM, Jones S, Bruce IA
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The impact of surgical care practitioners on surgical training

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The Management of cochlear nerve deficiency

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The need for specific outcome measures when evaluating cochlear implantation in hearing impaired children with cerebral palsy

Authors: Bruce IA, Markey A, Henderson L, Green KMJ
Journal: Cochlear Implants International 2013; 14 (S3): 35-37

The role of magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of suspected extrinsic tracheobronchial com-pression due to vascular an

Authors: Malik TH, Bruce IA, Kaushik V, Willatt DJ, Wright NB, Rothera MP
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Tracheostomy in Mucopolysaccharidosis Type II (Hunter’s Syndrome)

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Upper airway obstruction in children

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Use of the intra-aortic balloon pump to stop gastrointestinal bleeding

Authors: Karkos CD, Bruce IA, Lambert ME
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