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As a university hospital, Inselspital plays an important role within the Swiss health care system. We are a medical competence, high-technology and knowledge centre with an international reputation and an interface for academic scholarship and scientific research.

Our hospital, founded in 1354, is almost unique in its deep-rootedness within the community As an important economic factor with a high level of value creation, we are in a very attractive position on the health care market and our services are much valued.

7,837 members of staff give their best every day in Inselspital “Health City” to ensure that around 40,000 inpatients each year receive the best possible medical and individual nursing care. This is complemented by roughly 520,000 yearly outpatient contacts. We offer highly specialised, tertiary medical services, including transplantation services, with an advanced approach to interdisciplinarity and quality of human care.

As a learning organisation, we continuously monitor our strategic corporate policy positions and principles – particularly in regard to the changing framework of health care policies. We want to remain a guarantor of high quality services in medicine, teaching and research.


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