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Eva Karltorp, MD, is the head of the cochlear implant (CI) department at Karolinska University Hospital since 2002 where a multi disciplinary team is working. Eva Karltorp has initiated early CI operation for congenitally deaf children in spite of resistance to this idea from the deaf community and also worked for the possibility to give two implants to all deaf children. The issue of bilateral implants was recognized by the media on a national level and led to the increase of fundings which now allows us to operate all children with two implants. Patients also came from Norway and Denmark which led to the same policy in these countries.
The work at the Hospital has been mainly clinical, but during the last years a strong urge of clinical research has evolved within the team.

The wider focus areas of research are:

  • Early CI operations in congenitally deaf infants
  • Language development of the CI operated children
  • Bilateral CI for both children and adults
  • CI operations for tinnitus patients
  • CI and vertigo
  • CI to elderly patients


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