Center Description

The King Abdullah Ear Specialist Center (KAESC) is a project supported by the Saudi Royal Family. It will serve not only as a medical & surgical institution but as a research and study ground as well.

Services at the KAESC include:

• Audiology
• Cochlear Implantation
• Speech Rehabilitation

The King Abdullah Ear Specialist Center, the region’s first center of its kind in the field of hearing disability and transplantation of ear devices, will be located on the King Saud University campus.
The KAESC will provide training for physicians and hearing specialists and promote awareness of hearing disabilities and available treatment. It is an extension of HRH King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz’s continuing support to ensure that the Kingdom possesses quality institutes of higher medical education with the finest resources and support.
The specialists at the King Abdullah Ear Specialist Center have obtained international certificates regarding hearing disabilities and current methods of treatment.


Phone: +966 11 478-6100

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