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As London, Ontario’s largest employer, the London Health Science Centre is located across three sites -South Street Hospital, University Hospital and Victoria Hospital – and at two family medical centres.

Our Cochlear Implant Program was established for adults in 1987 and subsequently for children in 1989. Funding for cochlear implants in Canada began in 1993 and continues to be provided by the Ministry of Health today.

London Health Sciences Centre is one of only five hospitals in Ontario that offers a Cochlear Implant Program and the only one that provides implants to both adults and children.

“Our cochlear implant program provides an invaluable service to patients with severe hearing loss,” says Dr. Lorne Parnes, otolaryngologist at LHSC and medical/surgical director of the program. LHSC is well embedded and highly respected in the international research community.

Our Team consists of interdisciplinary specialists including audiologists, surgeons, psychologists, phsychometrists and social workers.

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