The First Latin American Workshop on Hearing Preservation was held in Cordoba, Argentina, from 23rd to 25th February 2012. The three-day meeting was organized by Prof. Mario Emilio Zernotti (Catholic University of Cordoba) with the invaluable collaboration of Prof. Georg Sprinzl (University of Innsbruck).

Twelve Latin-American Otologists attended the event focusing on Hearing Preservation. Coordinated by Dra. Fernanda Di Gregorio, two live surgeries were carried out and followed by participants via live broadcast.Furthermore, a specialized Temporal Bone Laboratory was performed and participants could experience atraumatic techniques and undergo an intensive practice with the broad Flex Electrode portfolio.
During theory session, Prof. Zernotti and Prof. Sprinzl exposed many aspects about hearing preservation from approaches (round window vs. cochleostomy), use of steroids in hearing preservation and choice of the best electrode for each patient.

All these activities were completed by intense social activities that included the tasting of the typical Argentine barbecue in Córdoba hills.

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