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The OTICO Hearing Center (OHC) is a group of otologists, neurotologists, audiologists and ear surgeons. As a leader in hearing implants in Latin-America, the OHC is responsible for the first Electroacoustic Cochlear Implants and hearing preservation surgery. It also leads the use of active middle ear implants in this area.

OTICO’s most relevant areas of interest are hearing preservation, the handling of congenital aural atresia, tinnitus control by cochlear implants and new approaches to vertigo.

The center has a well-equipped classroom and a training room with 6 complete workstations for temporal bone courses.

OTICO provides comprehensive services to patients suffering from hearing problems, tinnitus and dizziness employing the most advanced diagnostic technology and the correct orientation and selection of the most appropriate prosthetic treatment for each type of hearing loss.

Additionally, OTICO provides a multidisciplinary service in addressing all otologic pathology, with the three levels of primary care, from prevention to rehabilitation of hearing impairment. OTICO also offers counseling and supervision of colleagues in other provinces and patients implanted outside Cordoba city.


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