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Effects of cochlear implantation on binaural hearing in adults with unilateral hearing loss.

Authors: Buss E, Dillon MT, Rooth MA, King ER, Deres EJ, Buchman CA, Pillsbury HC, Brown KD
Journal: 2018 Trends in Hearing [accepted].

Simultaneous labyrinthectomy and cochlear implantation in unilateral Meniere’s disease.

Authors: Perkins E, Rooth M, Dillon M, Brown K
Journal: 2018 Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology [accepted].

Multicenter US clinical trial with an Electric-Acoustic Stimulation (EAS) system in adults: final outcomes.

Authors: Pillsbury HC, Dillon MT, Buchman CA, Staecker H, Prentiss SM, Ruckenstein MJ, Bigelow DC, Telischi FF, Martinez DM, Runge CL, Friedland DR, Blevins NH, Larky JB, Alexiades G, Kaylie DM, Roland PS, Miyamoto RT, Backous DD, Warren FM, El-Kashlan HK, Slager HK, Reyes C, Racey AI, Adunka OF
Journal: 2018 Otology & Neurotology, 39(3):299-305. doi: 10.1097/MAO.0000000000001691

Effects of cochlear implantation on quality of life in adults with unilateral hearing loss.

Authors: Dillon MT, Buss E, Anderson ML, King ER, Deres EP, Buchman CA, Pillsbury HC, Brown KB
Journal: 2018 Audiol Neurootol,22(4-5):259-271.

Prospective evaluation of patients undergoing translabyrinthine excision of vestibular schwannoma with concurrent cochlear implantation.

Authors: Rooth MA, Dillon MT, Brown KB
Journal: 2017 Otol Neurotol, 38(10):1512-1516.

Cochlear implantation in cases of unilateral hearing loss: initial localization abilities.

Authors: Dillon MT, Buss E, Anderson ML, King ER, Deres EP, Buchman CA, Brown KB, Pillsbury HC
Journal: 2017 Ear Hear, 38(5):611-619.

Comparison of two cochlear implant coding strategies on speech perception.

Authors: Dillon MT, Buss E, King ER, Deres EJ, Obarowski SN, Anderson ML, Adunka MC
Journal: 2016 Cochlear Implants International, 17(6):263-270.

The compound action potential in subjects receiving a cochlear implant.

Authors: Scott WC, Giardina CK, Pappa AK, Fontenot TE, Anderson ML, Dillon MT, Brown KB, Pillsbury HC, Adunka OF, Buchman CA, Fitzpatrick D
Journal: 2016 Otol Neurotol, 37(10):1654-1661.

Influence of test condition on speech perception with Electric-Acoustic Stimulation.

Authors: Dillon MT, Buss E, Adunka OF, Buchman CA, Pillsbury HC
Journal: 2015 AJA, 24(4):520-28.

Impact of electric stimulation on residual hearing.

Authors: Dillon MT, Bucker AL, Adunka MC, King ER, Adunka OF, Buchman CA, Pillsbury HC
Journal: 2015 JAAA, 26(8):732-40.

The influence of age at revision cochlear implantation on speech perception outcomes.

Authors: Dillon MT, Adunka OF, Anderson ML, Adunka MC, King ER, Buchman CA, Pillsbury HC
Journal: 2015 JAMA OHNS, 141(3):219-24. Online Author Audio Interview:

Round window electrocochleography and speech perception outcomes in adult cochlear implant patients: comparison with audiometric and biographical information.

Authors: McClellan JH, Formeister EJ, Merwin WH, Dillon MT, Calloway N, Iseli C, Buchman CA, Adunka OF, Fitzpatrick DC
Journal: 2014 Otol Neurotol, 35(9):e245-52.

Round window stimulation for conductive and mixed hearing loss.

Authors: Dillon MT, Tubbs RS, Adunka MC, King ER, Hillman TA, Adunka OF, Chen DA, Buchman CA
Journal: 2014 Otol Neurotol, 35(9):1601-8.

Influence of cochlear implant insertion depth on performance: a prospective randomized trial.

Authors: Buchman CA, Dillon MT, King ER, Adunka MC, Adunka OF, Pillsbury HC
Journal: 2014 Otol Neurotol, 35(10):1773-9.

Effects of hearing aid settings for Electric-Acoustic Stimulation.

Authors: Dillon MT, Buss E, Pillsbury HC, Adunka OF, Buchman CA, Adunka MC
Journal: 2014 JAAA, 25(2):133-40.

Long-term speech perception in elderly cochlear implant users.

Authors: Dillon MT, Buss E, Adunka MC, King ER, Pillsbury HC, Adunka OF, Buchman CA
Journal: 2013 JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg, 139(3):279-283.

Cochleostomy versus round window insertions: Influence on functional outcomes in electric-acoustic stimulation of the auditory system.

Authors: Adunka OF, Dillon MT, Adunka MC, King ER, Pillsbury HC, Buchman CA
Journal: 2014 Otol Neurotol, 35(4):613-8.

Cochlear Implant Programming: A Global Survey on the State of the Art.

Authors: Vaerenberg B, Smits C, De Ceulaer G, Zir E, Harman S, Jaspers N, Tam Y, Dillon M, Wesarg T, Martin-Bonniot D, Gartner L, Cozma S, Kosaner J, Prentiss S, Sasidharan P, Briaire JJ, Bradley J, Debruyne J, Hollow R, Patadia R, Mens L, Veekmans K, Greisiger R, Harboun-Cohen E, Borel S, Tavora-Vieira D, Mancini P, Cullington H, Han-Chi Ng A, Walkowiak A, Shapiro W, Govaerts P
Journal: 2014 The Scientific World Journal

Round window electrocochleography just before cochlear implantation: Relationship to word recognition outcomes in adults.

Authors: Fitzpatrick, DF, Campbell A, Choudhury, B, Dillon M, Forgues M, Buchman C, Adunka O
Journal: 2014 Otol Neurotol, 35(1):64-71.

Standards of practice in the field of hearing implants.

Authors: Van de Heyning P, Adunka O, Arauz SL, Atlas M, Baumgartner WD, Brill S, Bruce I, Buchman C, Caversaccio M, Dillon M, Eikelboom R, Eskilsson G, Gavilan J, Godey B, Green K, Gstoettner W, Hagen R, Han D, Iwasaki S, Kameswaran M, Karltorp E, Kleine Punte A, Kompis M, Kuthubutheen J, Kuzovkov V, Lassaletta L, Li Y, Lorens A, Manikoth M, Martin J, Mlynski R, Mueller J, O’Driscoll M, Parnes L, Pillsbury H, Prentiss S, Pulibalathingal S, Raine CH, Rajan G, Rajeswaran R, Riechelmann H, Rivas A, Rivas JA, Senn P, Skarzynski PH, Sprinzl G, Staecker H, Stephan K, Sugarova S, Usami SI, Wolf-Magele A, Yanov Y, Zernotti ME, Zimmerman K, Zorowka P, Skarzynski H
Journal: 2013 Cochlear Implants Int, 14 (Suppl 2):S1-5.

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