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The UNC Ear and Hearing Center, directed by Dr. Harold C. Pillsbury, is a regional center that provides specialized diagnostic and surgical care to adult and pediatric patients with diseases of the ear, skull base, head, and neck. The Center represents a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to service delivery and patient care. Multiple professionals trained in varying aspects of hearing disorders staff the Center. Specialists of the Center are from the Division of Neurotology & Skull Base Surgery, the Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology, and the Carolina Children’s Communicative Disorders Program (CCCDP)/CASTLE, and the UNC Hospitals Division of Audiology & Speech Pathology. These specialists include pediatric and adult audiologists and otolaryngologists, auditory/verbal therapists, speech pathologists, and a designated Ear & Hearing Center nurse.

The Ear and Hearing Center serves as a resource, not only for UNC Hospitals, but also for patients, physicians, nurses, audiologists, and other healthcare professionals throughout the state of North Carolina. Staff services range from consultation, diagnosis, disease treatment, and medical/surgical interventions, to rehabilitation and follow-up. Extensive audiology services, in conjunction with Otolaryngology/Head & Neck physicians, are an integral part of the Ear & Hearing Center. Newborn to geriatric hearing screening; hearing aid assessment, fitting, and dispensing; and cochlear implantation evaluation are offered. Diagnostic exams available include behavioral, evoked response, and vestibular testing. Patient education, on a wide variety of hearing related conditions, has been developed for patients and families. Center staff also participate in:

  • community-based efforts in the promotion of hearing wellness for schools and other groups
  • active participation in medical societies focused on the hearing impaired and related disorders
  • development and participation in both local and national conferences promoting the goals of the Center and academic interests of the University
  • ongoing hearing-related research


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