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Otosclerosis and Stapes Surgery

19-21 April, 2023

It is our honour to invite you to the 5th international otosclerosis symposium, which will take place on 19-21 April 2023 in Brussels and will be hosted by our distinguished expert Prof. Dr. Vedat Topsakal. 

The event will be dedicated to connecting professionals and discussing all aspects of otosclerosis with the scientists, surgeons, clinicians, engineers and audiologists. The program of this symposium covers new causative genes, expert panels on stapes surgery, engineers on middle ear mechanics, robotic cochlear implantation for far advanced cases and plenty of time to share your scientific contributions in the listed subtopics.

As a result, this meeting will provide a comprehensive update on new discoveries in the field of otosclerosis and its treatment and will help to maximise the knowledge of health care workers for the benefit of patients.