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We believe that just showcasing the most prominent and useful tools of our experts is not enough! We believe they shall be shared, distributed and support the process of improving quality of life worldwide!

The intended purpose of this tool is to support clinicians during the fitting of EAS subjects. It provides you with a method to evaluate the electrode insertion in relation to the postoperative residual hearing.

It is designed to identify the number of electrode contacts positioned in the preserved acoustic region and calculates the cut-off frequency between Electrical and Acoustic Stimulation (EAS) of the same ear. 

This information may guide you during the fitting process of EAS users. 

HEARRING Group would like to proudly present the HP Calculator, which is a Hearing Preservation (HP) calculation tool. Feel free to download the tool in the format of a microsoft excel file via clicking on the logo and take advantage of another one of our expert tools.

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