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with Severe or Profound Hearing Impairment

HEARRING is always delighted to share new publications co-authored by the members of our group. It gives us an opportunity not only to spread the latest research outcomes, but also to inspire more prospective studies in the field of auditory science. The theme of our latest research paper is Cognitive Improvement after Cochlear Implantation in Older Adults with Severe or Profound Hearing Impairment. It has been published in the Journal of Ear & Hearing this year. The nature of the study design is truly exceptional, being prospective, longitudinal, controlled and multicenter.

The study involves such prominent HEARRING members, as Griet Mertens, Vedat Topsakal, Paul Van de Heyning, Vincent Van Rompaey, Miryam Calvino, Javier Gavilán, Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, Henryk Skarżyński, Christopher Raine, Dayse Tavora-Vieira, Roberta Marino, Aanand Acharya and Luis Lassaletta

According to the results of the study, improvements of the overall cognitive functioning and attention were observed after cochlear implantation in the intervention group. Moreover, significant positive effects of cochlear implantation on sound quality and self-perceived hearing outcomes were found in the intervention group. However, older CI users did not, in terms of cognition, bridge the performance gap with adults with normal hearing after one year of CI use. The fact that experienced, older CI users still present subnormal cognitive functioning may highlight the need for additional cognitive rehabilitation in the long term after implantation.

To view the full publication and download it, click the link below.