HEARRING Counselling Tool (HCT) Survey

Step 1 of 10 - Introduction

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    HEARRING Counselling tool for hearing loss treatment


    This tool, designed by experts for experts, aims to facilitate the counselling process for patients by providing benefits and drawbacks of a selected treatment option in a standardized way.
    It is not designed to counsel towards a choice of treatment. It will be applied only after an implant/treatment option is already decided on.

    Why is it useful?
    - designed by the HEARRING group which is comprised of world-renowned experts
    - the tool is evidence-based (more than 120 publication)
    - pictures and animations are offered in order to support the counselling process

    Your task
    May we ask you to please go through this survey step by step and give us feedback about the content after the following criteria:
    - Are the lists of statements covering all aspects of a successful counselling process (please take our suggestions on the right into consideration)? May statements be removed or added?
    - Do you agree with the suggested publications to support each statement? Please add any paper that comes to your mind!
    - Are the citations and consents representing the underlying statement?

    Thank you for your contribution.