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Boost 2

New courses release continues!

We started a year with a brand new series of highly educational courses from our HEARRING experts! Let us introduce to you fresh three courses added to the collection.

The fourth course includes a brilliant discussion on “How to preserve the organ of Corti in Cochlear Implantation” moderated by our renowned member Prof. Dr. Paul Van de Heyning. The panelists of this discussion are Prof. Dr. Manoj Manikoth, Prof. Dr. Luis Lassaletta, Prof. Dr. Uwe Baumann, Prof. Dr. Timo Stöver, Prof. Dr. Shin-Ichi Usami, Prof. Dr. Hinrich Staecker, Prof. Dr. Stefan Dazert and Prof. Dr. Piotr Skarzynski. Our experts talk about the general and conceptual approach to the topic of the Corti organ, then look into the surgical aspects of it, followed by the electrophysiological monitoring and then sum up with the final comments.

This course is undergoing the process of receiving international accreditation in the amount of 1 CPD point. The certificate confirming the accreditation will be available soon.

The fifth course is comprised of four presentations by our renowned experts talking about “Age and Hearing Implants”. It also contains a panel discussion where the HEARRING professionals are reflecting on the importance of Quality Standards for older CI recipients and the need to raise awareness about hearing loss in older adults, illustrating the issues with some examples from their clinical practice. Prof. Dr. Dayse Tavora talks about the topic of “Cortical Auditory Responses: an objective tool for CI optimisation in different age groups”. Prof. Dr. Sandra Bellekom presents the “Adult cochlear implant trends in Australia”. Prof. Dr. Uwe Baumann looks into “Converting Unsuccessful Hearing Aid Users to Cochlear Implants”. And finally, Prof. Dr. Griet Mertens dives into the “Outcomes after CI in older adults”. The course is concluded by an insightful Q&A session.

Now, the sixth course includes four presentations by our experts on the general topic of “Digital Patient Health and Remote Care”. Prof. Dr. Ranjith Rajeswaran shares his vast experience with a talk titled “Evolving Digital CI Care in South India – MERF model”. Prof. Dr. Artur Lorens gives insights into “Professional Support of Patients Hearing Journey”. Dr. Phil. Heike Kühn delivers a presentation on “CI Rehabilitation. Auditory Training after Cochlear Implantation in Adults”. Prof. Dr. Dayse Tavora dives into the topic of “Digital Patient Health and Remote Care. Remote CI fitting”.