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Shinshu University is one of the finest research centers for the genetic diagnosis of deafness in the world, and is a major repository of knowledge, advanced technology, and research experience.

The Dept. of Hearing Implant Sciences together with the Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology have already commenced collaborative studies in the field of clinical research and have had great success in many research fields.

About Us

Hearing implants including cochlear implants electrical acoustic stimulation and middle ear implants are growing rapidly because of their benefit to improve their hearings. Development of new devices supported by basic research as well as clinical trials is essential for the progress of this field. Given this background, department oriented especially to the hearing implants is currently desired.
To achieve this aim, Department of Hearing Implants Sciences together with the Department of Otorhinolaryngology in Shinshu University doing the following research projects.”


1. Clinical study of newly developed hearing implants in Japanese hearing loss patients.

2. Basic and clinical study on hearing preservation in Japanese patients.

3. Basic study on newly developed electrode (dexamethasone eluting electrode) .

4. Study on genetic background for candidates of cochlear implants and EAS.

5. Study on middle ear implants.

6. Study on early intervention of cochlear implants in Japan.

7. Study on order-made (re)habilitation program for cochlear implants recipients.

8. Study on cochlear implantation in single-side deafness patients.

9. Study on cochlear implantation in elderly person.

10. Study on gene expression pattern in Human cochlear.

Our team

Prof. Dr.
Shin-ichi Usami

Prof. Dr.
Yutaka Takumi

Assistant Prof. Dr.
Hidekane Yoshimura

Assistant Prof. Dr.
Shin-ya Nishio

Visiting Prof. Dr.
Satoshi Iwasaki

Prof. IUHW Mita Hosp.

Project Prof. Dr.
Yoshihiro Noguchi

Prof. IUHW School of medicine

The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.

William Hazlitt


Department of Hearing Implant Sciences Shinshu University School of Medicine