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a consensus paper

HEARRING is proud to announce that our paper on Minimal Outcome Measurements in pediatric cochlear implant users has been published in B-ENT periodical! It was written by our distinguished experts including Griet Mertens, Paul Van de Heyning, Vincent Van Rompaey, Maria Fernanda Di Gregorio, Robert H. Eikelboom, Roberta Marino, Anja Kurz, Artur Lorens, Sasidharan Pulibalathingal , Ranjith Rajeswaran, Dayse Tavora-Vieira, Vedat Topsakal and other honorable members of our group.

The benefits of cochlear implantation in children with severe hearing impairments are widely known. However, there is no consensus regarding which minimal outcome measurements should be used to determine outcomes in this population with pediatric cochlear implant. Therefore, the authors aim to propose a MOM test battery for pediatric CI recipients that can facilitate international multicenter research and collaboration.

This remarkable study presents a consensus on a MOM test battery for pediatric CI recipients that was agreed upon by members of the HEARRING group. To view and download the publication click the button below: