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Piacenza AUSL Hospital

We are Specialized In

The Otolaryngology department of AUSL Piacenza Hospital deals with head and neck surgery, from the base of the skull to the upper mediastinum. The department runs the diagnostic therapeutic care pathway in head and neck neoplasms, a day service on obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, a day service being implemented on severe asthma and rhinosinusitis with polyposis. In addition, Otolaryngology department offers a phoniatric service for evaluation and rehabilitation of dysphagia and dysphonia, a tinnitus center, and a Cochlear Implant Center.

About Us

The operating unit consists of two different functional areas: Otolaryngology and Audiology.

The main specialty treatments of the Otolaryngology department are:


  • Surgical activity
  • Otolaryngology outpatient clinic
  • Rhinology outpatient clinic
  • Oncology outpatient clinic
  • Respiratory sleep disorders outpatient clinic
  • Phoniatric-deglutologic outpatient clinic
  • Outpatient tracheal cannula change clinic
  • Fibrolaryngoscopy and rhinofibroscopy outpatient clinic
  • Outpatient phoniatric speech therapy clinic


The audiology department deals with the framing and treatment of pediatric and adult hearing and balance disorders. The team of professionals is experienced in evaluating patients of all ages with hearing problems by providing proper diagnosis with related treatment options, ranging from fitting traditional hearing devices, bone and middle ear semi-implantable prostheses to cochlear implants of every brand available on the market. This includes the management of the newborn hearing screening program in the provincial area.


Dr. Domenico Cuda is the Director of the Otolaryngology Department. He has extensive experience in educating multidiciplinary professionals and has been engaged in various multicentric studies. Being both an ENT surgeon and an audiologist, comprehensive approach to hearing treatments of Dr. Cuda is undeniable.

Our team

Prof. Dr.
Domenico Cuda

“The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.”

William Hazlitt


Department of Hearing Implant Sciences Shinshu University School of Medicine