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We are Specialized In

  • Shinshu University is one of the finest research centers for the genetic diagnosis of deafness in the world, and is a major repository of knowledge, advanced technology, and research experience.

    The Dept. of Hearing Implant Sciences together with the Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology have already commenced collaborative studies in the field of clinical research and have had great success in many research fields.

About Us

The Department of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery deals with most of the sensory organs such as hearing, balance, smell, and taste. Of these, hearing is the most important communication tool for humans, and its impairment can greatly reduce Quality of Life (QOL) . In our department, we are conducting research on the mechanism of hearing loss and new treatment methods.



1. Study on the protection and treatment of the cochlear nerve by DDS via cochlear implant

2. Development of database for diagnosis and treatment of otological diseases and development of novel AI diagnosis and analysis system

3. Elucidation of pathogenesis and development of novel gene therapy for human hereditary hearing loss models

4. Elucidation of factors and mechanisms of vestibular damage caused by progressive hearing loss

5. Analysis of the microenvironment of head and neck cancer by gene expression analysis

6. Study on the efficacy of cancer rehabilitation in patients with head and neck cancer

7. A study on the diversity and regional characteristics of airborne pollen in Nagano Prefecture

Our team

Prof. Dr.
Shin-ichi Usami

Prof. Dr.
Yutaka Takumi

Assistant Prof. Dr.
Hidekane Yoshimura

Assistant Prof. Dr.
Shin-ya Nishio

Prof. Dr.
Satoshi Iwasaki

Prof. Dr.
Yoshihiro Noguchi

The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.

William Hazlitt


Shinshu University School of Medicine