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St. Pölten University Hospital

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St. Pölten University Hospital represents cutting-edge medicine in Lower Austria being a reference center with a wide range of patient care. 17 departments and six institutes are located at the St. Pölten site. Currently, around 3,000 employees treat more than 46,000 patients per year. In addition, there are around 432,000 outpatient contacts.

With the Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences, St. Pölten University Hospital is one of the clinical locations for the training of medical students. The ENT Department is one of the largest specialized departments in Austria with a mission of providing excellent care in the field of ENT, head and neck surgery.

About Us

The ENT Department at the St. Pölten University Clinic headed by Prof. Sprinzl has contributed considerably to reinforce the 4 pillars of HEARRING. Several thousands ear surgeries are performed every year. Within his practice he carries out medical, surgical, audiological and technical evaluation of various implantable electronic hearing systems (including cochlear implants, active electronic middle ear implants, bone conduction implants) in patients with unilateral and bilateral hearing disorders (such as conductive disorders, sensorineural disorders, combined hearing disorders) of different degrees based on comprehensive diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation. He is also an internationally renowned lecturer and guest surgeon. Moreover, his scientific contribution to the field of hearing implants is remarkable.

Our team

Prof. Dr.
Georg M. Sprinzl

The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.

William Hazlitt


St. Pölten University Hospital