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University Hospital Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany

As live events and online discussions have proven to be an excellent solution when adapting to the changing global environment, our experts are actively leveraging this way of communication to stay connected and advance together.

This is why, we are beyond excited to announce the 33rd Course on Microsurgery of the Middle Ear and Auditory Implants including the 2nd Advanced Training on Comprehensive Hearing Restoration by HEARRING!

The event will last for three days from 1st till 3rd of March 2021. It will be possible to attend this event in person as well as online. The agenda includes a live surgery projected in 3D HDTV with demonstration of different approaches and microsurgical techniques in live surgery, such as tympanoplasty, stapes surgery, cholesteatoma surgery, cochlear implants, active middle ear implants, acoustic neuroma surgery and Menière surgery.

There will also be lectures dedicated to such key topics as Indications, tips and tricks, tympanoplasty, stapesplasty, cholesteatoma surgery, cochlear implantation, active middle ear implants and acoustic neuroma. Moreover, a special comprehensive HEARRING lecture will be conducted.

As to the practical part of the event, there will be two days of temporal bone exercises: Day 1 will be focused on Classical preparations, while during Day 2 HEARRING will provide the 2nd advanced training on Comprehensive Hearing Restoration.

Last but not least, one free session of a hands-on workshop on audiology, implant indications and radiology will be available to all the participants!

We truly hope you would find this agenda as interesting and relevant as we do, so don’t forget to save the date and join us online!

To sign up please click on the link below and use the online registration form;

For any further questions please contact: