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Books of 2024
FIll up your medical
book shelf

Today HEARRING has a great reading recommendation for our Portuguese speaking audience. 

Our brazilian expert Arthur Menino Castilho has co-authored a range of books on the topics of Temporal Bone Imaging, Surgical Anatomy of the Ear, Practical Manual of Endoscopic Ear Surgery, Hearing And Noise and Hearing Aids Manual. The original names in Portuguese are “Avaliação Do Osso Temporal Por Imagem”, “Anatomia Cirúrgica Do Ouvido”, “Manual Prático De Cirurgia Endoscópica De Ouvido”, “Audição E Ruído” and “Manual De Próteses Auditivas”. 

To learn more about the author of these books and discover his top-notch clinic in Campinas don’t hesitate to click the button below